Sunday, 22 June 2014

Mmmmm ♥

More angry gals singing over angry guitars, plz n thnx~* This kinda song gets my panties in a wad, IF you know what I mean.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Miss Me?

LooOOoOonely, I'm Mr. Loooonely / I have nobody for my oOOoOOown...

Hello puppies and piglets!
No, I haven't run away from you. Me and Lady Red Lips had a busy week/weekend. Friends from BC came to visit and we had ourselves a MERRY OL' TIME. Concerts, M, drunken karaoke... (AKA the usual). Me and Lady are really excited to get in some cam time in this week, but first we need you guys to fill out the applications. Feeling brave? Email me ( for your copy TODAY! And be quick about it. I'm in the mood for a good laugh...
'Til next time, goobers.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014


Shout out to Mama Misty for baking the cupcakes for me. (THANKS FOR THE PROP, MA!) 

Yes, that is icing all over my hand. I'M A MESSY EATER, OKAY.

Better get that icing off...

: P

Gotta finish it off with a candle joint (#obligatory joint/420 reference)

(And before you ask, YES, I did blow out that candle and made a wish. What that wish was though, I'll nevah say. Sorry, thems the rules.)

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Ready or not: an ONLINE SESSION application is now available

It's true!

Hello puppies and piglets.
Today me and Lady Red Lips made up a new application for anyone interested in subjecting themselves to our scrutiny on cam. We'll be doing the sessions together, which means double the trouble and double the fun. ; )
Interested? Let me know via email ( and I'll send you an application.
I look forward to teasing your dick and melting your mind with my feet. Or perhaps laughing and giggling whilst you worship me and spoil me with trinkets.
Really, it's up to you how I will go about improving your blechy, boring life.

Smoke & Shadow

I got stoned as shit last night and played with my shadow. That is all. You are dismissed.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

A Little Tuesday Post

Note: this is NOT how the author's appointment went down (but she kinda wished it did???)

This wasn't any normal ol' Tuesday. Today I had my first experience with Reiki (energy therapy) and let me tell you, it was exciting, inspiring and really, very cool.
What first started out as a superficial, mild interest in anything New Age related (Chakras, lucid dreaming, crystals, etc.) that developed over the winter has somehow turned into a full blown obsession that has wormed it's way deep into my brain and cemented itself there and refuses to leave.
I wasn't sure what I was expecting from my appointment, but it wasn't what I ended up experiencing. My energy therapist was really down to earth and sweet and I ended up having physical responses to the energy therapy that I wasn't expecting at all. (I guess I could explain what Reiki is for those who are uninitiated, but fuck it. Google it, guys.) We finished up with a little meditation too, which I'll probably get into doing every night before I sleep (something I never would have seen myself doing a couple of years ago, but hey, that's why we never say never, eh guys??)
I've never been a spiritual person in any sense of the word in the past, so stumbling upon this kind of stuff at this point in my life was a happy little accident. While some of the stuff I come across in articles and videos makes me skeptically raise an eyebrow, I like to keep an open mind about it. At the very least, I always feel inspired and optimistic after climbing out of a New Age research rabbit hole.
If any of you out there have any recommendations for books/documentaries that you think I might like concerning any of this kind of stuff, let me know! There is so much material out there and sometimes it can be overwhelming.

Friday, 16 May 2014

A Look at "SUBNORMALITY" - Return of the Webcomic Post

I haven't wrote a webcomic focused post in a while, so I figure it's the perfect time to bring SUBNORMALITY, a comic series that is described by the author as "comix with too many words", to your attention. Want a webcomic that actually has some substance? Look no further. The author (Winston Rowntree) (note: not really the author's real name), really gets people. I can't count the number of times I've thought "GET OUT OF MY HEAD" while reading his comics. He somehow manages to pin down human uncertainty and optimism simultaneously without coming across as flippy floppy. His comics aren't black and white, but grey. KINDA LIKE LIFE ITSELF, RITE GUYS? He gets that while humans can be messy and strange, we also have a lot in common and share a remarkable amount of experiences and thought processes that connect us as well. I dare you not to delve deep into his archives and go on a binge reading spree. Be warned, though, some of these babies are lengthy, so get comfy.